Sunday, October 25, 2009

Harapan Ini

Bina harapan ini,
lewat hitungan kini,
dalam menjana bahagia yang diredhai Tuhan,
Duhai anak,
dengarlah bicara ayahbonda,
yang acapkali mengingatkan,
tentang rencah kehidupan,
yang selayaknya terus,
Selamanya disini,
kalut rasa biar dilerai,
bersama sekelumit taqwa,
yang terus dibunga wangikan,
di halaman hayat.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

When Music was Mightier than pen

When music was mightier than the penThe hollow pit in my stomach convinced me that somehow I was grieving over my father's death. There were no words to describe the lack of feeling or emotion that I felt. Not a single tear welled up in my eyes. There was no lump in the throat or even a small inclination of sudden loss. All I could translate from the hidden depths of my repressed emotions was a sense of emptiness.I knew my father had been terminally ill. We had expected, perhaps, a sudden decline in his health followed by a period of incapacity before he died. It did not happen this way. It was sudden and unexpected.In the weeks that followed I could not understand why I could not bring my emotions out into the open. Somewhere, I knew, buried deep within myself there was a part of me that screamed to get out. There was anger and loss so deep within that it was as if it were trapped in a cavern several miles underground. A thousand words could not describe the feeling, the loss or the battle that I had raging within me to release the inner torment. Nothing that I could say, or feel, expressed adequately the need that I felt to find an outlet for my emotions. Nothing, that is, except music.My father had been a musician all his life. He could not read a note but in his head he knew over a thousand songs. At the age of 14 he played the accordion in public houses and only stopped when his fingers became too arthritic to move. As I was born into a musical family it seemed inevitable that I too became a musician.I was classically trained on the violin and the piano but what is more I learned how to write music. I composed my first piece of music at the age of 14. Creating music was a passion but it was slow going with a pencil and manuscript. My efforts were limited to what I could play rather than what I dearly wished to compose. And then the age of the computer arrived. Before me I discovered new possibilities and ultimately the opportunity to compose the kind of music that I really wanted to write.I was ambitious and loaded with potential. When my father could not express his feelings he turned to music. I suppose I followed his footsteps in this manner and I could do no less. I sat in front of my computer and started to compose my first full orchestral symphony.Where mere words failed to express how I felt, I took my rage and my sense of loss and channelled it into the very heart of my symphony. With each note I purged myself, so it felt, to the very depths of my being. Where words would not come, where my feelings would not show, the music flowed until finally 'The Magic Symphony' was born.

by Shane Ward

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Antara kwn2 aku (kalu xde nama anda disini hrp maaf)

'Ammar(dak tmn selasih)
aku start kenal ama kalu tak silap aku, masa form 1. Aku knal dier masa aku tgh nk kumpul number budak2 KL. Masa uh, aku tgh nk mintak number kt Lubis, lps tu tetiba dier dtg, then nk join aku collect number. Aku pun ok jea lah. Then, start dari hari tu, aku kwn ngan dier smpi skarang. Tapi memang best lah dpt kwn ngan ama sbb dier neh suka buat lawak, then bila dier wt lawak x jadi, aku ngan muaz slalu gelakkan kt dier. Pas uh dier wt muka sengal. Memang x ley tahan. Hahaha... Aku hrp, sume dosa yg aku dah wt kt dier, sudah diampunkan... Amin.. hehe =) To "Ammar: Belajar elok2, and hope u can be as happier as I am, and hope that I can make ur life happier n happening. *PDD (Please dong dea)...

Mu'az (dak tmn berjaya)
mu'az neh pulak, dier sengal, but at the same time, terer menghafal... hehe... dier neh pun slalu join aku kenekan ama. Tapi kalu aku dah duduk ngan ama, muaz, aku memang x ley berenti gelak. Kadang2 smpi menangis aku gelak. Bayangkan... Hmm, dier neh sama cm ama, suka menolong and menggumbirakan hati org. Time mkn jea, mesti muaz ngan aku kenekan ama. X sah lunch kteorg kalu x kenekan ama. Sori Ama... hehe... Muaz neh cm tmpt rujuk ilmu bg aku(kembang idong lah uh). To Mu'az: "mantapkan lagi kemahiran menghafal, jadilah sengal slalu... haha..."

Afiq (evil genius, i think)
afiq, afiq, afiq.... hmm, dier neh memang clever org nye. Dier terer b.i (jeles owh)... Byk ajar aku psl bende2 yg pandai, cm science, math, tswr, psl komp, n mcm2 lagi. Tapi, yg agak sengal nye, dier neh suka potong ckp aku, tapi aku potong balik ckp dier. Alah, x kesah lah. Tpi yg penting, dier byk tolong akudlm science. To Afiq: "jgn nakal2, jgn ada ramai awek sgt, naty x terjaga. hahaha... gurau jea"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Waking up I see that everything is ok,
the first time in my life and now it's so great,
Slowing down I look around and I am so amazed,
Ithink about the little things that make life great,
I wouldn't change a thing about it,
this is the best feeling,

This innocence is brilliant,
I hope it will stay,
this moment is perfect,
Please don't go away,
I need you now,
and I'll hold on to it,
don't you let it pass you by,

I found a place so safe, not a single tear,
The first time in my life and now it's so clear,
Feel calm, I belong,
I'm so happy here,
It's so strong and now,
I let myself be sincere,
I wouldn't change a thing about it,
Cause this is the best feeling,

This innocence is brilliant,
I hope that it will stay,
This moment is perfect,
Please don't go away,
I need you now,
and I'll hold on to it,
Don't you let it pass you by,

It's a state of bliss,
you think you're dreaming,
It's the happiness inside that you're feeling,
It's so beautiful it makes you wanna cry.

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